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I'm so nervous at this point, you'd think the funeral I'm about to attend was my own. My stomach is a knotted handiwork of sympathy and regret, along with some other feelings I'd rather not mention.

Apologies to all if I've been a douche lately. I assure you, it hasn't been intentional.

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I'm stuck here in HELL right now, but thinking of you. I just updated-- another entry just for you. Anyway, do call. It would be most welcomed and appreciated. Well, I hate to run at this point, but I totally have to get these journals done... I'm such a lazy ass.

Much love as always,
Thanks for having me in your thoughts. I hope everything is well with school and your health. I might give you a call soon, so I can be all like "WHAT?" and you'll be so totally "YEAH!" and then I'll be thinking "OKAY!". Indeed.

Wait, I've just been informed that I must head over to my sister's house in order to watch her kids for an hour. Damn. I'll read your latest journal entry when I get back - talk to you soon.

Word up,
*hugs* i'll keep you in my thoughts...*love*
Much thanks. Mad props to my true G-thug MC Em, keepin' it real and representin'.
a little story hopefully to make you smile...:

i overheard a few of my friends talking one day about this...i'm pretty sure it's from some movie...but there is an enormous geek, you know, the classic glasses, messy hair, stuffed up nose, all that (or possibly a robot. i never quite heard which.) and he's at this huge party dancing, drinking, girls, all that jazz...and he goes up to one of the "popular girls" and asks her to dance. she, of course, with a look of revulsion on her face, refuses vehemently and calls him a douche bag...with a smile he responds "a douche bag is a hygenic instrument. i take that as a compliment." *ba dum chunk* ok, so it was a lot funnier when they told it...
It did indeed elicit a laugh from me. So pathetically sad, it's funny...one of my favorite brands of humor (probably because I can often RELATE).