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The Voice of Reason

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26 July 1982
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[insert pseudo-intellectual junk here]

My interests tell a lot about me, but not the whole story. I doubt there's anything I could write here that would.

Alternate journal: voixderaison [pretty much dead and obsolete, at this point]

I also have a MySpace, which I tend to use much more frequently.
80's music, absurdity, adam warlock, air, albert camus, alexander the great, anime, antonio carlos jobim, antonio rodrigo nogueira, astrud gilberto, basketball, battlestar galactica, better off dead, black orpheus, blade of the immortal, blade runner, bleach, books, bossa nova, boxing, brazilian top team, bruce dickinson, cake, calvin and hobbes, captain marvel, championship manager, chicago blackhawks, clockwork orange, comic books, conan the barbarian, cowboy bebop, david bowie, depeche mode, dio, doctor strange, doctor who, dream theater, dune, duran duran, dynasty warriors, evil dead, existentialism, fighting network rings, final fantasy, flcl, franz ferdinand, franz kafka, funeral for a friend, future noir, george orwell, glen baxter, group x, heathers, hockey, holland, homestar runner, hooverphonic, insomnia, instant karma, iron chef, iron maiden, jean-paul sartre, jimi hendrix, jiu jitsu, journalism, joy division, judo, k-1, katamari damacy, kickboxing, kids in the hall, king of fighters, kraftwerk, kurt vonnegut, languages, legion of super-heroes, literature, lobao, lone wolf and cub, lupin the third, manga, mixed martial arts, monty python, music, my bloody valentine, new found glory, new order, new wave, nobunaga's ambition, one-armed boxer, outkast, philosophy, pink floyd, pirates, portishead, pride fc, prince, psv eindhoven, puroresu, queen, radiohead, red dwarf, repo man, roberto baggio, rod serling, roger waters, ryuichi sakamoto, sandman, sarcasm, satire, seinfeld, serial experiments lain, silver surfer, sleep, smashing pumpkins, snow, soccer, socialism, stabbing westward, strange brew, suikoden, surrealism, synthpop, tennis, thanos, the breakfast club, the cure, the ramones, the tick, the twilight zone, trigun, twin peaks, u2, ufc, van halen, video games, videodrome, volk han, watchmen, weezer, wesley willis, winter, writing, x-men, yakuza kicks

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