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Another night, another dream. (of always you?)

Wait, let me start over.

I've been thinking some things over lately. And while I realize that in itself is surprising, that's not all. What's been bothering me lately is that I worry about whether or not my friends realize that I do appreciate them, even if I do sometimes go long...really long amounts of time without talking to them. For some reason it's like, if a certain amount of time passes since I've talked to a friend, I fear that they think I'm a jerk for not staying in touch like a friend should.

[shrugs] I don't know. I suppose my ability to express the fact that I miss someone is totally inadequate. I never intentionally give anyone the cold shoulder, but it probably seems that way. In any case, I want my friends to know that I do appreciate them, and that nothing is taken for granted. Word.

I've got to be heading to work in a few minutes. This morning I'll be working with WonderBoy, who apparently knows everything, has been everywhere in the world, and has all the girls falling for him. Yeah. He's like the coolest guy ever, only that NOBODY REALIZES IT BUT HIM IN HIS MIND. And yet, he seems to be the manager's favorite - go figure.

[tick-tock, you don't stop]
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