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I haven't updated in awhile, so I'll sum up the events of the last week or so with the following.

Life is awesome, then it isn't. Rinse, repeat, rinse.

At the moment, it isn't. But hey, at least now I'll have more time to be online and hang around with my crew. Word up.

Heh. When I stopped in at work to pick up my paycheck this afternoon, Mike seemed surprised that I was wearing "sporty" Nike gear. He also mentioned that I should shave my head - both of these sudden observations coming from nowhere. I found that odd, and I realize it was probably incredibly uninteresting to everyone else. Still, this is my journal, and I'm not being paid to entertain people. There's always the option to remove me from your friends list, you know. o_O

I want a shower CD player. Like, NOW. I seriously need to stop wasting money.
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