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it was like water down the drain

Stoneco864 (2:38:20 AM): your in a band just like Zack attack
Zheroen (2:38:34 AM): I'm more like Sly from California Dreams

True that, true that. Though I do have this awesome silk shirt that's totally like something Screech Powers would wear. I think I've worn it in public all of once. It rules.

Only like, my favorite song EVER (for now, anyway)

I totally just wrote a poem right now, which is exceedingly rare. When inspiration hits, I've just got to use it. You know how it is.

je sais que tu regrettes nous, maintenant.
je suis désolé, vraiment.
mon rêveur, je ne peux pas te voir.
bonsoir, au revoir.

Stupid, isn't it? Apologies for it being in French. I couldn't express the feelings in English, as dumb as that may sound. Anyway...what? YEAH! OKAY!

I'm going to leave like Meursault, now. Later, I guess(?).
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lol...you don't look like Screech, at all...so you won't look too much like him if you wear the silk shirt.

peace out,

P.S. are you coming to the movie friday night? i hope so, it's going to rock
I'm going to have to let you see it for yourself at some point. It's LIKE WHOA, that's how bad it looks. Tullis and Chuck have told me I should burn it. And yet...I love it to death. o_O

I'm probably not going to be able to join the movie-watching festivities, due to work and all. Part of the perils of rejoining the work force, I guess...
i'm scared to see it now! lol...just kidding....I'm actually anxious to see it now that you mention it. You might want to watch out, they may burn it while you aren't looking.

Awww...I hope that you can find some way to go, it's not a party without J-Bird, for real, I'm not just saying that.

Peace out,
"Surf dudes with attitudes kind of groovy"
Remember the "864 RULES!!!" posts to almost every TV newsgroup on Usenet? That was awesome.

if you need to get ahold of me this weekend you can call my mom's cell...620-0139

actually if you get this message before one could you please give me a call on her cell? nothings wrong...i pinky promise you that

peace out,