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Eh, I can't sleep. As a result, I'm going to inflict another journal update upon you all. Sucks to be you!

Damn, I actually put this song on a mix CD? I must really hate myself. Like, SERIOUSLY. This song is so freaking horrible, and it's going to be in my head for a solid week. I think the only reason I downloaded it in the first place was because it used to come over the radio at Kohl's on a daily basis. And now, I'm listening to it of my own free will...wow. I'm going to find a razor.

Oh, I get it - all of the songs on this CD are SUPPOSED to be lame. "Harden My Heart" by Quarterflash is playing just now, to hammer that point home. Yeah, that's the ticket - I meant for this CD to suck! That's an excuse I intend to use in every day life now. "Yeah, I know that pizza looks like shit - I MEANT FOR IT TO SUCK! Pizzas that aren't even really round are the next big thing!" I'm sure that will fly.

I have the next two days off. I'm going to spend every second possible of the next 24 hours playing video games. I know how to live it up. For real.
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