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another plea put to rest

As of last night, I am officially employed at Papa John's. I didn't actually have to do much - Josh and Mallory lobbied on my behalf to Shannon, I filled out an application. Shortly thereafter, I was informed by Shannon that I was to come in on Tuesday evening and begin working. Rock. \m/

I keep forgetting about the fact that I'm to be moving out of this house soon. Whenever my father mentions it, I always find myself taking a moment for the concept to register itself. Earlier, I was rather indifferent to the prospect of moving. I mean, I didn't particularly care for the thought, but I also accepted that I didn't have much say in the matter. Now, however...eh. Returning to the middle of nowhere seems less favorable with each passing day. I'm hoping that Josh and Chuck still want me to move in with them once they have a place, and that such a gesture would not be seen by my family as an act of betrayal. I don't know, though. What's a sucka to do?

The first thought that usually passes through my head on any given day upon waking is usually something along the lines of "Damn it, why did I have to wake up yet AGAIN?" Not because my dreams have been exceptionally interesting as of late (they haven't), but...yeah. Today was no exception. In this case, though, all turned out well - I was eventually abducted for a good cause. LIKE WHOA.

So, the agenda for tonight. I'm slated to look after my sister's kids yet again. One more benefit of having a job - being able to skip out of non-paying family obligations!

I'd really like to get "Purple Rain" by Prince out of my head at this point (especially upon considering the ramifications). Maybe if I listen to a similarly depressing song, I'll feel better - a negative multiplied by a negative results in a positive, right? Time to put this theory into action...now.
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